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50% Refund Model

At BellaEstas, we’ve developed our products keeping our consumer's major pain point- Hair fall and Hair loss in focus. Each product has been created with natural ingredients that work on repairing the scalp, nourishing the hair and renewing poor hair to healthy hair.


The BellaEstas team knows and understands the difficulties that a person with hair loss deals with daily. Which is why our experts recommend any hair care regime to be followed through thoroughly for at least 3 months to see the best results.

 The Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit with a unique combination of high-quality products has shown excellent results in healing hair follicles, inhibiting progressive hair loss, and renewing hair growth at the root of poor hair. And we are assured that this hair care regime can help your hair loss too!

We are offering a limited period 50% refund on the Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit.

 How does it work?

  1. Register for the 90-day 50% refund model – Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit  
  2. Buy the Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit  or multiple kits (as per usage) and use it daily as per instructions for a 3-month period. (link it to this – kit page)
  3. For the next 90 days, we will give you exclusive access to our guided system on tracking your hair growth progress.
  4. Follow the daily usage guidelines of the hair care kit and upload pictures of your hair and scalp every Saturday, after using the Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit
  5. Along with the pictures, you must mention your experience using the hair care regime.
  6. During this time, our experts will monitor the hair growth progress for each individual
  7. Systematic upload of the pictures on the portal is mandatory to get the 50% refund on the products.


We are confident that you will see renewed results in your hair and new hair growth in the affected areas. And after 90 days our experts will evaluate the hair growth progress based on all regular images posted.


The hair care regime has to be followed thoroughly for a 3-month period, after which, BellaEstas will issue a 50% refund on the purchase price of the total number of kits purchased (excluding shipping & taxes) within 3 months of the date of purchase reflected on original invoices (T&C apply*). You can buy a 3month package together at one time, or every month based on the usage.


This offer is limited to one refund per registered person.


BellaEstas 90-day 50% refund model ensures results and satisfaction. After you’ve followed a 90-day hair care regime, we are sure that the Verginico Severe Hair Loss Kit  will work for you.


How to process a refund? 

To process the refund, email us at after the 90 day usage period along with your original product invoice. Our experts will evaluate the hair growth progress based on images posted and process the refund (T&C apply*) within 3 months of the date of purchase. Yes, it is that simple!


Please read and accept all TERMS AND CONDITIONS to be eligible for the 50% refund model.