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“ Beauty is inner health and goodness ;
Beauty is inner strength… Beauty is You !
And true natural, beauty is BellaEstas ! ”

      Literally translating to ‘You are Beautiful’, BellaEstas brings you a naturally enriching range of hair care and skin care products. At BellaEstas, we believe in strengthening your inherent beauty with organic, healthy and natural products. From naturally fortified hair oils, to nourishing moisturisers, Bella Estas products works to rejuvenate your hair and skin with the goodness of nature.

BellaEstas Story

    We are a fast-moving generation, with quick fixes for everything. Today, the hair care market has quick fix solutions to everything, from skin breakouts, dry and dull skin to quick hair colours to split ends, hair fall and hair breakage solutions. Everyday living; travelling, work stress, pollution, poor food habits, and more has rendered a lifestyle that is fast-paced where we don’t spend as much time nourishing our bodies with the right kind of products.
    As a result, often we use, products available in the market that are loaded with artificial chemicals, that claim instant fairness, instant glow. As good as they may work in the short run, we at BellaEstas, found that these chemically induced solutions did not offer any sustained, long term benefits. Every hair care and skin care product in the market that promises healthy skin and hair in all likelihood is riddled with chemicals, sulphates and complicated ingredients.
    We at BellaEstas, believe that nature has blessed each of us with glowing skin and strong, healthy hair. Thus, at BellaEstas, we turned back to nature to create solutions for hair and skin damage and nutrition.
    We believe healthy hair and skin is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle, natural ingredients and moments of love and care. Based out of Mumbai, our skincare and hair care product range of hair oil, nutraceuticals, creams and moisturisers has naturally nourishing solutions. Using raw virgin coconut oil, a well-researched mix of 8 naturally occurring oils and vitamin E, our products work to repair, enrich and fortify your hair and skin.