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Verginico Daily Hair Care Regime

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Product Type: Hair Kit

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Product Details

Product Details

Nourishing Everyday Hair Care with Verginico Daily Hair Care Regime

  •  It is about time your hair got some serious tender loving care! Everyday stress, unhealthy eating habit, general lifestyle habits, and pollution causes long-lasting damage to hair. But all of these damages to hair are reversible with a good hair care routine planned.
  • One of the easiest and effective daily hair care routine’s today is VERGINICO’s DAILY HAIR REGIME KIT. This powerful haircare combo combines the benefits of Verginico 8-in-1 hair oil with the rich cleansing effect of Verginico anti-hair fall shampoo.
  • Hair is active constantly in 3 three different phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen; where 90- 95% hair is in the anagen phase. And as all things, hair too falls out to make a place for new healthier growth, which is the catagen phase; where the hair follicles shrink. And lastly, the telogen phase is, when your old hair simply rests. So, shedding 50 – 100 hair strands daily is natural; your scalp is making way for new healthy hair.
  • Managing each phase of the hair with a well-planned hair care routine becomes important. The best daily hair care routines are those, which are consistent and ensure that your scalp gets adequate moisture and nutrients.
  • Verginico’s Daily Hair Care kit combats hair damage caused by oxidative stress, lifestyle habits, excessive heat, and chemical hair treatments. Verginico’s 8-in-1 oil with 60x powerful tocotrienol and fermented oils hydrate and deep conditions the scalp. PROVITAMIN B5 and PROCAPIL enriched Verginico anti-hair fall shampoo anchors hair and strengthen hair follicles, keeping the scalp’s essential natural oils intact.
  • Strong hair roots, Smooth, Soft, Silky hair and Healthy Scalp & Body are all built together in a new HAIR CARE ROUTINE with the VERGINICO WAY OF LIFE! NOURISH. NURTURE. RENEW.

Inside the Kit


  • Verginico’s 8-in-1 hair oil infuses the goodness of SUPERVITAMIN E, VIRGIN COCONUT oil and FERMENTED OILS into each drop. Moisturise your scalp hair with healing properties derived from the deep roots of nature. Almond, Argan, Camellia, Coconut, Green Tea, Lavender, Sunflower and Tocotrienol are combined together in an ultra-modern process that blends just the right amounts of each ingredient to nurture your hair.


  • Cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate with one of the best Sulphate Free, Paraben Free, and Silicone Free hair shampoo in the market. Enriched with natural active ingredients Verginico Hair Shampoo, gently cleanses your hair without stripping your scalp of its essential oils. Verginico’s mild fragrant shampoo is rich with Aloe Vera, a natural moisturiser, PROVITAMIN B5 that locks in moisture in the hair and an advanced formula in hair technology, PROCAPIL, a powerful DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker.




Moisturises the scalp and repairs dry, damaged skin on scalp

Repairs damaged hair and split ends

Reduces hair breakage, making hair more tensile

Reduces itching of scalp and scalp inflammation

Makes hair thicker, denser and stronger

Makes hair shiny and soft, improving elasticity in hair

Increases hair growth of the poor hair & strengthens hair

Combats the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Repairs thinning of hair and protein damage in hair shaft

Sulphate Free, Paraben Free,  and Silicone Free hair cleanser

How To Use?

Developed using a unique combination of powerful ‘Natural Active’ ingredients, Verginico’s daily hair care combo kit strengthens your hair naturally & renewing your hair growth at the roots.  Start your everyday haircare regime today!  


  • Verginico Hair Oil has to applied twice – thrice a week and has to be left overnight before washing hair. Part your hair into four sections. Start with 4- 6 drops of Verginico hair oil for each section of hair onto your palm. Use your fingertips to slowly massage the blended goodness into your scalp, this will stimulate the hair roots. Apply the rest on to the hair.


  • Wet hair thoroughly with lukewarm water; the warm water will open up pores and hair to absorb nutrients from the shampoo. Once hair is soaking wet, take a sufficient amount of shampoo and gently massage the shampoo into the scalp to create some lather and coverage for the full scalp. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water thoroughly.

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