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Wash Your Hair The Right Way!

Wash Your Hair The Right Way!

Wash Your Hair The Right Way!

Nothing beats a good hair wash, it’s relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating! But not done right, your scalp gets dry, flaky and hair gets robbed of the essential oils required by it to grow in a healthy manner.Washing hair has becomes just another habit for most people. Nobody notices the common mistakes during this important task of hair care. Quick and rough hair washes, washing hair without conditioning it, over use of product and many more unhealthy hair-washing routines, compromise health of the hair and causes hair loss during showers.

Hair care requires a commitment to gently and regularly care for hair; where we choose a natural routine for hair care. Let’s get back to the basics of hair care: Conditioning your hair before wash with Oil, Shampooing the hair to cleanse the grime and Rinsing hair post shampoo.

Condition your hair before washing with Oil

Consider washing your hair, as the hair care day for yourself. Always start your hair care routine with conditioning it before you can subject it to a wash. Start with diving your hair into sections and gently massaging hair oil in circular motion on to the scalp. Slowly then progress from scalp to hair tip.

Applying hair oil (Verginico hair oil) before washing your hair ensures that you fortify your hair with natural nutrients. Hair oil, especially Coconut oil penetrates into the hair’s cortex, the thickest layer with protein. Absorbed so deep into the hair shaft, coconut oil prevents water absorption into hair, and reduces protein loss, which is the most common cause of hair loss.

Circular motion of massaging the scalp during application, activates the follicles to further absorb the oil to benefit hair roots. The massage also enables blood circulation into scalp, thus increasing oxygen supply to roots and hair.

Leave the hair oil on for atleast 30 mins before bathing.

Shampooing the hair

Always use luke warm water to wash your hair rinse hair. Warm water opens up pores and hair to absorb nutrients from the shampoo. However, too hot and you will dry out your hair and scalp. Shampooing hair should only be done, when hair is soaking wet. Soaking wet hair allows an even spread of shampoo across the scalp and helps in better cleaning.

Most common cause of hair fall during a shower is to immediately shampoo without ensuring the hair is soaking wet. Massage the shampoo gently with your fingertips, never finger nails, all over the scalp and rest over the hair right down to the tips. Always start with the scalp, so the roots are cleaned of accumulated sebum and dirt, and never miss the nape of the neck. Once you’ve massaged the shampoo in for atleast 2 mins, leave it for another few minutes and squeeze remaining lather and shampoo out of the hair.

Rinsing hair post Shampoo

Hair breaks easily when wet, so don’t tug at the hair or scrub out excess product. At this stage, be gentle with hair running luke-warm water through the scalp, down to the hair tips. Take your time rinsing out shampoo, cause any leave in’s will cause more hair fall. Again, rinse gently with luke-warm water, until you cannot feel the shampoo lather.

As much as possible, hair should be towel-dried or air-dried. Men should avoid vigorously rubbing the scalp, because hair is most fragile at this stage. And Women should avoid tying the hair with the towel; it causes hair breakage. Never comb hair when wet, the tension, will cause the hair strand to snap.

Let hair air- dry before choosing to style it with heat, blow drying and other products.

Washing hair may seem like a mundane task, but hair truly needs as much attention as your everyday diet and health. Use natural hair care products, such as Verginico Hair oil – fortified with Vitamin E and Verginico Shampoo and follow the Verginico way to renew and nourish your hair!