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Did you know that India today stands one among the top 5 countries with the highest number of COVID cases? And did you know that there are basic guidelines to help anyone protect themselves against the infection? 


Medical authorities have repeatedly reiterated that one of the easiest ways to protect against the virus is to build a strong immune system. While social distancing and washing hands are two important aspects to ward off the infection, a strong immune system ensures that your body is safeguarded from any infection; bacterial or viral. 

And did you know that one vitamin has emerged as a superhero to boost the immune system! 


Have you guessed which vitamin is it yet? YES! It is VITAMIN C. 


Vitamin C – L-ascorbic acid, water-soluble, and not produced by the body naturally, this super vitamin has been vital in helping boost the immune system. We call Vitamin C a super vitamin because it is one of the vitamins that does more than just boosting the immune system. It is crucial in helping the body heal from everyday wear and tear, works on building collagen in the hair and skin, and helps cellular growth. 


What does this Super Vitamin C do for the body? 


-         Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps the removal of free radical formation. Free radicals are oxygenated molecules formed by the body while trying to process exposure to smoke, pollution, and UV rays. Some studies have shown that free radicals may play a role in cancer and heart diseases too and Vitamin C fights off these free radicals.


-         Vitamin C has regenerative effects on the skin. From reducing melanin pigmentation and dark spots to increasing the production of anti-aging proteins, Vitamin C makes skin glow. Regular consumption of Vitamin C has shown to improve skin texture, even out skin tone, and delay skin wrinkles. 


-         Vitamin C promotes healthy hair growth. Hair which is made of protein requires iron for healthy growth. Vitamin C is vital in the absorption of iron into the body and helps collagen production in the body. Both iron and collagen are necessary for reducing hair shedding and healthy hair texture. 


While the novel Coronavirus has just come around, every monsoon in India sees a rise in patient cases of flu infections, common cold, and coughs. This makes Vitamin C an even more important part of your diet this time of the year! And while this super vitamin cannot be produced by the body, it can be consumed via a balanced diet and dietary supplements.


How do I get this Super Vitamin C?

While we are familiar with citrus fruits and vegetables being the key provider of Vitamin C; did you know that guavas are a rich natural source of dietary Vitamin C? Yes, guavas give the body, even more, Vitamin C than Amlas.  


However, fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value if stored for a long time or cooked, which is the case in most Indian households and Indian cooking. This means you can eat all the tomatoes, amlas, bell peppers, oranges, guavas, berries, and broccoli and still not get the daily dietary requirement of Vitamin C. 


How do I ensure a daily intake of Vitamin C? 

BellaEstas has identified this important aspect of the Indian lifestyle. To help fight off infections and build a healthy immune system, the team has developed an inventive Vitamin C supplement - BellaEstas Immuno Vitalizer. One tablet of BellaEstas Immuno Vitalizer in 200 ml of water every day ensures your body’s daily dietary requirement of Vitamin C.

BellaEstas Immuno Vitalizer is a Vitamin C (1000 mg) health supplement enriched with Zinc(10mg) and Copper (1mg) that helps the body fight against bacterial and viral infections. Its’ effervescent tablet gives you faster absorption and immediate action, so the body gets the nutrients faster than traditional fruits and supplements. 


Give your body the superhero strength of Vitamin C with added Zinc and Copper to build your body’s resistance to infections and enjoy healthy hair and skin!