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My hair is falling everywhere! What do I do?

My hair is falling everywhere! What do I do?

Any hair loss is heart breaking!

Whether it is a fast receding hairline, hair falling while you’re combing through it or when you visit a salon for a haircut, and the hair stylist says, “Your hair is weak and falling everywhere, Madam”. It is absolutely disheartening to find your hair scattered about everywhere in your house, bathroom and even your pillow.

We know how heart breaking that is, because you do everything you can for your hair; from expensive treatments to masks and hair products. But any one product or treatment in isolation cannot stop hair loss.

Hair Experts at BellaEstas know this and have developed a unique combination kit comprising of a natural 8-in-1 hair growth oil, an anti- hair fall shampoo, a daily hair growth serum and hair nutritional tablets in the VERGINICO SEVERE HAIR LOSS KIT

But first, let the BellaEstas hair experts give you a quick insight into naturally managing severe hair fall and tip on reducing hair loss.

So, how does hair work?

ACCEPT THIS - You are going to lose 50 - 100 hair every day and that is NORMAL! So, don’t panic. Hair is active constantly in 3 three different phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen; where 90- 95% hair is in the anagen phase. The anagen phase also known as growing phase of hair lasts anywhere between 2 -7 years.

And as all things, hair too falls out to make place for new healthier growth, which is the catagen phase. In the catagen phase which lasts for 10 days, hair follicles shrink and weak hair drops off from the scalp. 

And lastly the telogen phase is, when your old hair simply rests for around 3 months. When your hair remains in the telogen phase for a longer time, not graduating to the anagen phase of new hair growth, it is considered hair loss.

In the case of severe hair loss, you are losing more hair and faster than normal in this phase. You will see marked bald patches and balding patterns in your hair parting line as well as scalp is clearly visible when your hair is combed or tied.

What is causing this severe hair loss?

First, check with yourself:

  • Have you been stressed lately? Or undergoing a stressful event currently?
  • How often are you using that flat iron or hair dryer on full heat blast?
  • How many times do you get coloured highlights or a global hair colour on your hair?
  • What products – masks, conditioners and more have you been using on your hair?
  • Have you checked the chemical contents in them? Yes, your hair would temporarily look lustrous, but what are the long-term effects of it?
  • Are you consuming a balanced diet; rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids?

More often than not, hair loss is caused by uncontrolled stress, excessive treatments on hair, and lack of essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Secondly, check for genetic and internal health disorders. Severe Hair Loss could also be cause by other health ailments such as: alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, PCOS, auto-immune diseases, tinea capitis, thyroid and many more. In such cases, your medical practitioners would have prescribed a thorough treatment, which must be followed completely. For hair loss due to above health ailments, the severe hair loss kit works only as a support system.

How do I manage severe hair loss?

Stop worrying about the amount of hair loss every day and start taking corrective steps.

Say NO to chemicals -

Pay attention to what you are feeding your scalp and hair as nutrition. Several hair loss products on the market are fuelled with chemicals to show instant results; which are detrimental in the long run.

Opt for paraben and silicone free hair products like BellaEstas Verginico Anti Hair Fall Soft Shampoo and BellaEstas Verginico Hair Growth Oil. Ingredients like aloe, onion bulb extract, tocotrienol, virgin coconut oil, green tea extract in natural products repair damaged hair and nourish scalp in a gentle manner with lasting results.

Hair Habits -

Stop tying hair up too tight, colouring/ styling it so often and blow-drying hair each time you wash your hair! Your hair needs a break too; instead let it air dry. We know that colour on your hair makes it look gorgeous; how about you get it done just once a year instead?

Diet Change -

Start with changing your diet – add in iron and protein rich foods. Take vitamin and mineral supplements such as BellaEstas Verginico Hair Nutritional Effervescent Tablets with Biotin; which is part of BellaEstas Severe Hair Loss Kit. The body cannot always absorb nutrients from diet. This is where a nutritional hair tablet enriched with antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins helps strengthen your immune system and improves the production of new hair cells.

Lifestyle Habits -

Exercise is a lifestyle essential habit to transform your body from within; not just to look fit, but to feel fit. Even a 30-minute walk or 15 min meditation session can make a difference! Meditation and yoga are both known to reduce stress, help balance hormones and improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Still worried about severe hair loss? Try out the Verginico severe hair loss kit for 40 days and let our hair experts help you!