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Everyday Hair Care Tips

Everyday Hair Care Tips

Everyday Hair Care Tips

Hair the crowning glory of men and women across the world! And the great lengths to which one could go to achieving the perfect mane, soft hair and a lustrous healthy shine to hair. But did you know healthy hair is a result of healthy lifestyle, healthy habits and nutrition?
The secret to great hair is not really just one thing, there is no one powerful solution to great hair… It’s the daily little things you do to your hair and for your hair that matter most.

What is hair?

Hair is essentially a combination of dead cells; but only external hair outside the scalp is dead. Each hair shaft is composed of a protein called keratin; also found in nails and enamel. Follicles under the scalp, hold the root of the hair and are alive! These hair follicles provide nutrition to the hair shaft.

Each of us are born with a pre-defined number of hair follicles and over time due to external and internal factors, these follicles get damaged and die, causing irreversible hair loss. Which is why each follicle, each hair root is precious and needs daily care.

Daily habits for great hair start with your scalp.

Skin over your scalp being covered by hair often gets ignored and develops dryness, dandruff and results in hair loss. Key to a healthy scalp is regular nutrition and circulation.

Natural Hair Oil
Scalp nutrition means regular oiling of scalp to moisturise it. In fact, Virgin Coconut oil is naturally abundant in fatty acids that nourish that improve scalp health. Verginico Hair oil not only uses virgin coconut oil, but also other fermented natural hair oils which have proven effective for hair growth. Natural hair oils contain hair-friendly vitamins that improve overall health of your hair and scalp.

Scalp Massages
Regular gentle massages on the scalp activate hair follicles and make the hair root more receptive to accepting nutrition. Use a light non -greasy and natural hair oil, for regular moisturising. Massage with a non-sticky hair oil will ensure an even spread and better coverage across hair roots. Massage your scalp every morning, to improve blood circulation to the scalp and activate the hair roots.

Regular Hair Wash Routine
Your scalp like your skin has pores, that overtime between washes, clogs up with dead skin, dirt and grime. If not cleansed regularly, it causes severe hair loss. A deep hair cleansing routine with a naturally enriched shampoo and sulphate free shampoo like Verginico Hair Shampoo each time you wash your hair is important. Soak your scalp and hair completely and only shampoo it when your hair is soaking wet. Choose your hair wash schedule on the texture of your hair. If you have dry scalp and hair, twice a week works; with oily hair, at least 3 -4 times a work should work to remove the build up of grime

Wet Hair Breaks Easily
Your hair is the most vulnerable when wet, so be gentle with it. Avoid brushing hair or combing it when wet. Never tie or style wet hair, as it will definitely break your hair and damage the hair roots.

Avoid Bringing Heat to Hair
As often as possible, air dry your hair. Putting heat to completely wet hair, styling hair with hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons when wet will cause split ends, hair breakage and eventually long-term damage to hair. Too much heat and overuse of heating equipment’s can sometimes cause irreversible hair damage.

Styling products are not always best for your hair!
Ammonia based hair colours and chemical based hair colours rob your hair of moisture completely, causing hair loss, dryness and frizzy hair. Chemical hair masks and conditioners may give you an instant shine, but do more damage in the long run to your hair health and environment health.

Keep the hair styles light
Hair ties, tightly tied braids and hair buns; any hair style that pull away from your forehead, put severe strain on your hair and its roots. The friction in the tugging and tying cause hair breakage and doesn’t allow new hair to anchor into its roots easily.
While styling your hair, use non-plastic brushes and combs to avoid creating frizz and breaking hair. Especially while doing away with knots from your hair, start from the hair tip, gradually moving to the roots, this will ensure you gently detangle hair and avoid any breakage.

Healthy Living, Healthy Eating
Healthy hair is a direct by-product of what you feed your body. Nothing beats a good diet and healthy lifestyle habits! You can add to hair health with health supplements like the Verginico hair tablets that provide you with natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and natural extracts, to improve internal health and make hair, skin, nails and body strong.

Hair needs Protection too!
With changing weather conditions, protecting hair from external factors has become the need of the day. Cover your hair with a scarf when you travel. Exposure to sun and dust cause the most damage to hair! Excessive heat and winds can dry hair immediately, making it lifeless, while exposure to rain causes grime build up on scalp. Always step out with a scarf or umbrella to protect hair.