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Best Ways To Oil Your Hair!

Best Ways To Oil Your Hair!

Best Ways To Oil Your Hair!

Oiling hair can be therapeutic and essential at the same time. Ever noticed how thick and healthy most mothers and grandmother’s hair are; because they took time out to condition their hair with oil. Oiling hair, is the most natural and basic way of showing you care and showing your hair you care. As children growing up, mothers and grand mothers always recommended a good hair oil massage to relax, sleep and nourish hair. The secret behind it is – the Oil itself and the manner in which the oil is applied to the hair.

How to start applying hair oil?

Detangle your hair and remove all knots from your hair before you can start oiling to avoid breakage. Part your hair into a 2 – 4 sections for easy application of the hair oil. Start with a few drops of oil in your palm and begin application on the scalp, gradually moving to the length of the hair. Usually, the back of the head and hair near the nape of the neck gets missed out. Reserve a little oil in for this section too. Massage the remaining Hair oil gently upto the tips of the hair to ensure complete coverage. For best results, use a warm towel to wrap your hair and allow your hair to absorb the goodness of the hair oil.

Should hair oil be massaged in hair?

Hair oil should be massaged on to the scalp in gentle circular motions. This not only activates blood circulation to the scalp, but also ensure the oil goes deep into the hair follicles to make the best of the hair oil nutrients. Don’t massage and rub oil directly to your hair, it will only make your hair greasy and not really help it.

How does hair oil help hair?

Hair Oils works wonders to moisturise the scalp and strengthen hair roots. In fact, using Verginico hair oil before washing hair, ensures that your hair enjoys a deep conditioning routine, and locks in moisture in the hair andmakes it shiny and soft. Oiling hair regularly, nourishes it and provides nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients topically, which may not otherwise be present in our daily diet.

Regularly oiling hair can result in denser hair, as it repairs the hair as well as new hair growth. Clinical test has also shown regular application of Verginico Hair Oil renews hair growth and reduces hair fall.

What Hair Oil should I pick?

Always opt for hair oils formulated with natural ingredients like Verginico Hair Oil. Fortified with (Tocotrienol) Vitamin E, virgin coconut oil and natural fermented oils, the hair oil provides hair with deep nutrition; repairing damaged hair, reducing hair fall and hair loss and helps control the frizz.

A non-greasy hair oil ensures easy application and absorption onto the scalp like Verginico Hair Oil, thus immediately moisturising scalp and reducing dandruff.

Most natural hair oils in the market come with strong smells and artificial fragrances, due to the ingredients. This might cause headaches in sensitive people. Verginico Hair oil gives a soothing lavender fragrance that aids in sleep and relaxation.